Who We Are

Supernode is a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, investing in and developing sustainable hyperscale data center campuses located on Australia’s East Coast. Supernode sites are designed to capture fundamental cost advantages related to land, fibre access, renewable power supply, water resource and ancillary infrastructure and utilities. Supernode plans to design and configure its projects with the objective of delivering long-term competitive cost and latency advantages whilst benefitting from low-cost and ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply. Supernode sites help ESG focused data center operators to meet their Net Zero carbon reduction targets.

Our Strategy

Our projects are strategically located to satisfy the needs of both hyperscale data centers as well as other high-performance computing operations. The sites are located at ‘hard to replicate’ positions within the electric grid transmission and fibre networks, unlocking substantial and long term delivered energy cost advantages that are likely to appeal to hyperscale data center operators given the significance of power costs to their total cost of operations.

Our Target Outcomes

  • Sustainable and long-term competitive cost advantages to data center operators in land, fibre, power, ancillary utilities and related infrastructure services.
  • Low-cost and ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply and back-up power solutions.
  • On site, ‘behind the meter’ renewable and back-up power supplies.
  • Innovative active energy and utilities management solutions.

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