Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project by Supernode

Supernode BESS

Brisbane, Australia

Year Acquired

The South Pine switchyard is the central node of the Queensland electricity transmission network, 80% of Queensland’s total electricity flows through this ‘supernode’ on a daily basis. Quinbrook’s Supernode Data Centre and Battery Energy Storage Site (‘BESS’) site, located adjacent to the South Pine switchyard, will host one of the largest battery storage installations in the Australian National Electricity Market. The 750 MW (2 – 4 Hour) BESS offers large power users an innovative solution to obtain stable power supply and overcome the critical stability issues facing the Queensland power grid as recently identified by AEMO.

Target Outcomes:

  • Low-cost and optimally located energy storage project that mitigates Marginal Loss Factor (‘MLF’) and curtailment risk, a feature uniquely available to Projects located near the central node
  • A major power load connected at the central node of the Queensland electricity grid providing grid support services by increasing minimum system operation demand needed to help ensure a stable power system
  • May reduce the risk of blackouts for Queensland homes and businesses
  • The BESS may also help resolve zonal flow constraints to enhance investments in the REZ and defer grid upgrades

Project Status:

  • 750 MW of BESS is fully permitted, having received development approval
  • The Project is permitted to be built in two or three stages, with a dedicated network connection for each stage
  • The Project can be expanded with sufficient land and connection capacity at the South Pine Switch yard
  • Procurement is advanced, with firm offers received for all Project elements
  • Connection application fee was paid in H2’22 and Powerlink has provided a preliminary energisation date of Q2’25.

Battery Management:

The Supernode precinct has a 275kV connection to the regional transmission grid that will provide reliable charge and discharge capabilities of the batteries.

The batteries have the option to be managed for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness by Quinbrook’s wholly owned portfolio company, Habitat Energy. Habitat Energy ( is a specialist in artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled battery optimisation and trading service that allows for real-time trading, forecasting and revenue generation in wholesale and ancillary energy markets.  Habitat is one of the leading battery optimisers in the UK.

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