Data centre project by Supernode

Supernode DC

Queensland, Australia

Year Acquired

The Brendale campus is located adjacent to the South Pine switchyard, which is the central node for the Queensland electricity transmission network. This is a strategic point in the Queensland power grid enabling access to all regions of Queensland for power delivery via three separate high voltage transmission connections. Power is delivered directly to the data center precinct which is capable of hosting up to 800MW-IT of capacity, enabling significant delivered power cost savings. Renewable power projects all over Queensland transmit their power to South Pine, providing Supernode with an unparalleled array of options to procure low-cost renewable power.

Target Outcomes:
  • Competitive land cost relative to competing data centers in NSW, ACT and Victoria
  • Low-cost, ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply and on-site back-up power solutions benefitting from Queensland’s abundant renewable energy resources
  • High level supply resiliency at South Pine switchyard
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